Products And Services

Kisan Agro mart has been supplying all inputs: materials, tools, an equipment and machinery related to agriculture and forestry from the well managed section with details information.



  Kisan agro mart has been offering agricultural technical support and training programs as an independent service or as an integrated part of the company. These training services can be given on-site by professional experts coming for short-term periods or by

nursery (1)

Nursary services

Nursary service that mean seedlings and planting materials are growing and selling under the controlled environment within the mart floor.  Selling as typical and an emerging crop varieties like in Flower and fruits, orchids, vegetables seedling, high value crops seedling


Training and seminar

Conducting courses and seminars for individuals as well as for groups at specific topics. Organizing workshops and field days for specific sectors. Guiding professional tours including visiting suppliers, on-going project personnel, manufacturers of equipment and materials and attendance at international

Agriculture in Nepal

The agricultural sector in Nepal is the single largest employer of the manpower. Almost 67 % of the people are engaged in this sector. In spite of this the easy availability and affordability of basic inputs for the farming community are not at the optimum and ideal levels that they deserve. Kisaan agro mart aims to address this shortcoming by providing to be a one –stop shop for the farming community’s need of their agri inputs, and by bringing the farming community in touch with the entire supply chain for these inputs.

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